Campaign background

In 2019, Cancer Council WA commissioned qualitative research to inform the next phase of the LiveLighter campaign. This research guided the development of a new long-term creative strategy to raise awareness of the health risks associated with being above your healthiest weight and giving practical advice to eat well to reduce your risk. Four new creative concepts for TV-led advertising were developed as part of the overall strategy.

These creative concepts were tested in early 2020 with members of the LiveLighter target audience. Online video focus groups were conducted with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, locations, and body weights. Results from this process indicated that two concepts resonated strongly with the target audience, and the concept that was deemed most suitable for the next wave of LiveLighter advertising was ‘Menu App’.

Full scale production of the new TV-led campaign commenced later in the year. Three scenarios depicting different people and settings were chosen.

Menu app phone

Campaign aims

  • Encourage and motivate people to reduce purchases and consumption of food from junk food outlets.
  • Raise awareness of the link between being above a healthy weight and increased risk of cancer.
  • Raise awareness of the link between junk food consumption and weight gain.

Menu app TV campaign

Why are we targeting meal delivery services?

In 2018 just fewer than 1 in 10 Australians had used a meal delivery service. By early 2020 that number had tripled to 3 in 10. This proliferation of menu apps has made unhealthy food and drink more available, more accessible and more heavily promoted than ever before. The ads show commonplace situations where people scroll through menus on their phone and conclude with them deciding to prepare a healthy simple meal at home.

Menu App links the behaviour of frequent junk food consumption with excess body fat, and the associated increased risk of cancer due to being above a healthy weight. “Don’t treat junk food as everyday food”’ is the campaign’s catch cry. It will be LiveLighter’s first WA-made TV-led campaign since ‘Junk Food’ in 2016 and features three different TV executions, two of which will be released in this wave.

When does the campaign launch?

The campaign will launch in Western Australian on Thurday18th March 2021 and runs until Saturday 15th May 2021

View the campaign webpage, including the TV ad, by clicking the button below.

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Here's to healthier holidays!

The Healthier Holidays campaign is designed to:

  • Encourage and motivate people to eat and cook healthy foods and drinks during the holiday season; and 
  • Raise awareness of the LiveLighter website and its suite of healthy lifestyle resources

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